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Allegri? Sarri? Spalletti? De Zerbi? Stop talking to guys whose last name ends with i! Dan, Ryan, Pinto, are you hearing me? Stop what you’re doing right now. Quit it and get José on the line ASAP. Who? José Mourinho of course. A free man/coach since last week. A winner. A champion. A stud. A… fallen star?

Wait, perhaps we need to calm down. Take it slowly. Could Mourinho and Roma be a good match? Can he turn AS Roma into Porto or Chelsea 2.0? Does he even want to come to AS Roma? Will our fanbase accept him or chase him out of the club? Well, I guess this isn’t an easy decision after all.

José Mourinho is a guy you love or love to hate. There’s no middle ground. Even in church, there will be believers and non-believers. If (and that’s a big if) Mourinho would be tempted by the Friedkin Project, should we be happy or anxious? Excited or worried? Just for the sake of it, let’s go over some pros and cons of hiring doctor José to heal our beloved Roma.

Mourinho: Doctor Majestic, or The Pros of Hiring José

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Why he will succeed? Helloooo, it’s José frikkin’ Mourinho, the Catalina Wine Mixer of football coaches! You thought Allegri or Sarri won a lot? Think again. José beats them all with trophies in Portugal, Spain, England, and Italy. He won at each and every club he worked for apart from Tottenham, his most recent employer. And to be fair, Tottenham fired him just before the League Cup final vs Manchester City. Who knows, maybe he could have added at least one more title to his cabinet?

José has already coached a team in Italy and knows the environment. Two full seasons at Inter between 2008 and 2010, so he knows how teams in Italy defend & attack. He can cope with these older, cunning Italian trainers—something Fonseca clearly had trouble with.

Also, Mourinho can demand respect from the players at Roma, especially the younger core. A guy with his kind of resume speaks volumes. Although a lot of people think he’s a dull, arrogant, and negative guy, players like Lampard, Eto’o, Zlatan, Robben, Drogba, or Fabregas have been full of praise for José. Even our very own Pedro.

He can literally push a player to his limits and to the next level. Make them believe they’re better. He can get inside the players’ heads and make them fight until death for each other and their trainer. Something I have sadly rarely seen this season under Fonseca. Who can forget the images of Marco Materazzi in tears, hugging Mourinho when he left Inter? I truly believe he’s a different type of guy behind the cameras.

José has used the 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 frequently in his career, a formation that could work in Roma if we bring in one or two decent fullbacks. I reckon players like Veretout, Cristante, Mancini, Zaniolo or Spinazzola would flourish under his guidance. Maybe we’ll need to buy a Makelele/Thiago Motta type for him, though.

Scoring goals was less a problem than our troublesome defense this season. Mourinho can make Roma a tough and sturdy opponent again, like his Inter or Chelsea teams; a pain in the ass to play against. Results are his top priority, before nice eye-catching football. Maybe that’s what we need right now. Roma needs to learn how to win again and grind out results consistently, and after that, they can start worrying about tiki-taka and champagne football.

If the Friedkins really want Roma to be the biggest and best, you’ll need a strong character. A household name. A winner. To show the world we mean business. Mourinho is your man.

Mourinho: Doctor Mayhem, or The Cons of Hiring José

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Okay, uh, where do I begin? You see, José always had a strong personality. And like I said, there are lovers and there are haters so his arrival would surely start some upheaval in our fanbase. And boy do we have a rigid fanbase. The pressure on him will be sky high if results don’t follow soon. Don’t expect the good old Spalletti days to come back or parts of Rudi Garcia. Realistic football where ugly is good enough if it does the job.

He’s a controversial figure and perhaps he’s getting too old for this world of football. His methods are outdated, his time is done. It’s all about the Tuchels, Nagelsmanns, Klopps, and Guardiolas now. A dinosaur among butterflies. Mourinho won’t come cheap either, so financially it’s a huge risk unlike appointing a De Zerbi or Sarri.

Oh and remember those players who praised Mourinho? Well, there have been some who publicly criticized him too. Hazard and De Bruyne (perhaps he just doesn’t like Belgians), Pogba, David Luiz, Martial…even Smalling and Mikhi weren’t his best friends back at Manchester. But people change, for better or worse.

His relationship with other coaches and the referees can be quite toxic and not something we as Giallorossi are used to. Fonseca, with all his flaws, was and will always be a gentleman, just like Ranieri, Montella, Luis Enrique, or Di Francesco. Hell, even Zeman, Capello, or Spalletti look like wimps next to Mourinho.

The question is: how much time are Dan and Ryan going to give Mourinho before he self-destructs or the tifosi are invading Trigoria with pitchforks? Mourinho to Roma, that’s gonna be one of the biggest risks in the history of the club.

I think the million-dollar question is: do the pros outweigh the cons? Can doctor José cure Roma or do we get even sicker? Will Dan and his boy grow enough guts to make the move? There might not be that much time left to find out, soon another patient will enter the room searching for doctor José.


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